YAShot Round-Up!

On Saturday, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I was darting around Uxbridge like a mad woman. Ah, YAShot, thank you for letting me steward/ hang out with blogger friends and authors/ generally make a nuisance of myself!

I spent most of my morning checking people in at the box office because, as I said at the time “everyone I want to see has to pass me by here!” Blogger friends, authors, people wearing excellent fandom t-shirts, they all had to deal with my morning exuberance. My actual helpfulness on the box office is debatable- I knew many people’s names already (helpful), but also wanted to take a second to say hi and ask how they were (unhelpful), so I think I about balanced myself out.

I spent the rest of the day bobbing about different panels and in-conversations, including two of my recent favourites, Alwyn Hamilton and Melinda Salisbury talking stories for change- I could listen to those two banter all day!

I used my excellent purple stewards t-shirt basically as armour for bravery to talk to authors, even just to say “hi, I love your book!”

I rounded off the panels part of the day talking feminism with the lovely Virginia Bergen, an empowering end to the day!

Hopefully see you next year!


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